Sunday, September 10, 2006


Girl: hi, Sid, I'm Ritu
Boy: Would you like something to drink?

Ritu has straight brown hair, medium length. She is wearing a brown jacket and dark jeans.

Girl: Oh, um, sure, that would be nice, thank you. I think I'll have a hot chocolate.

She readjusts the long scarf wrapped around her neck

Boy: Ok. To "Barista" One Tall Hot Chocolate and One Tall Skim Decaf No Foam Latte

He Pays - they stand quietly and wait for the drink. They carry them over to the table.

They sit, hands cupped on their hot drinks. They sit still looking down.

Boy: Do you come here often?

Girl looks up, almost surprised to hear him.

Girl: yes, quite often
Boy: Not exactly an exquisite question. I'm sorry.
Girl: its just a good place to read or...
Boy: Yeah to...
Boy: Yeah.

They smile, and look down again

Boy: Marvelous.

Girl sighs
Long pause

Boy: I have to be honesst with you.

Girl opens her drink, closes it.

Girl: okay
Boy: No offense. But this was a bit forced. It doesn't have anything to do with you but...I'm not looking.

Girl looks at him for second, then looks down.

Girl: yeah, i know. I know. Its the same for me
Boy: I just got out of something that wasn't exactly healthy.
Girl: i'm not sure i am either. At all, in fact.
Boy: Similar story?

Girl nods

Girl: um...laughs nervously
Boy: Sorry to pry.
Girl: uh, no, um, its ok. I'd rather not say.

Long Pause again, they look down. Girl looks up, sighs hard.

Girl: so, um, what would you be doing, ordinarily. I mean, if you weren't here.
Boy: Recently, I would be sitting at home.
Boy: God that sounds so lame!

Girl laughs a little.

Girl: sorry, no, i understant
Boy: You seem a bit reserved so I'll be the one to make an ass of myself.
Boy: I just got dropped by a girl I had been with for a long time. It was unhealthy but I was used to it.
Girl: look, its ok, you don't have to tell me
Girl: i'll just tell my parents it didn't work out
Boy: She was eventually more a sister than a...sorry this must be irritating - you didn't come here for this.
Boy: I'm sorry.

Long Pause. Both seem irritated.

Girl: No,
Girl: it must be hard, i'm sure.
Girl: relationships are
Girl: hard
Boy: I am not quite sure they are anything at all. Just a bit of a ruse and a hell of a gamble.

Girl attempts a laugh.

Girl: right, yea. I think so. I hope not
Girl: i hope not


Boy: I'm being negative...that's for me not you. Really, I hope not too.
Girl: yea, i hope not

They take sips.

Girl: I mean. i like someone, but he isn' back
Boy: Lucky guy.

She shakes her head as if to erase that last comment

Boy: It's nice even to know someone wants you. Doesn't know what he's got.
Girl: Well, he's already got someone, you see.
Girl: so, i'm really just a drag, I suppose
Boy: How long have you known you like him?

She tears a little
She smiles, turns her head

Boy: I'm sorry there I go again.

Brushes it away quickly

Girl: sorry, not its my fault
Girl: its totally my fault
Girl: i'm not supposed to like him. He's taken
Boy: Don't say that...we're both losers. He Smiles. Tell me more.
Girl: and he's us. From our....culture.
Boy: That can be hard - but anything can be overcome. Are your parents - sorry...stupid questin.
Boy: Who's the girl?

Girl shakes her head, embarassed.

Girl: she is....takes a deep breath. ..his wife
Boy: Do you know her?
Girl: i know, I know, that sounds terrible
Boy: Look - shit happens.
Girl: yea, but - shit, she's my cousin
Girl: he's the one i want the most, i suppose
Boy: I understand. I don't know what to say.
Girl: so, um, what about you? are you taking time off from, women?

She laughs a little.

Boy: Not for men...but yes. I dont know - I really am wondering whether I want the hole nine yards.
Girl: yea, i know what you mean. If i got married - ever, i'd be worried about girls like me, taking my husband away...
Boy: Thats not what I mean.
Girl: i know.

she smiles at him
they are both leaning on the table now

Boy: I want a relationship...but I want it to go slow and I dont want there to be this implication that just because I chose the relationship I want marriage.
Girl: I don't know what i want, really. It defies any explanation...i wish i could tell you, but i can't. I just don't know.
Girl: i'm so tired.
Boy: Don't do that.
Boy: I'm sorry that was too forward.

Girl looks down. Looks up at him, tilts her head to the side...

Girl: no, go on
Girl: please
Boy: You're just hurting yourself. You are tired only because you feel like there is a wall. Thats how I was for a long time.
Girl: i just. I want him, and I can't have him.
Boy: But there isn't really a wall. There's just this thing that tells you that this is the final decision of your life. It isn't and he isn't the be all and end all.
Boy: I had years with one person. With one I gone? Am I ended?

Girl looks directly at him

Girl quietly Girl: i don't know

Girl: no
Boy: Sorry - look at me - its like I am using you for therapy.
Girl: no, you’re not
Girl: i'm not much better

They both smile at each other
They both laugh

Girl: what a disaster.
Boy: We'll see.
Girl: so, there's a good italian place, down the street.
Girl: great gnocci
Boy: Why not...
Girl: do you like Gnocchi?
Girl: are you even hungry?
Boy: Yes... but only in red sauce...
Boy: I could eat.
Girl: ok, thats good enough for me. let's go.

They get up and leave the café

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