Saturday, December 15, 2007


We sit with the gods
But steal out early
After our souls have been temporarily filled
The vase is small
But has no cracks
And what was once a
Night scene now flows
Through the day.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Do not wear the same
As the strike of pistons
In rusted cylinders.

Wear the same
Rusted cylinders
And strike out

Pistons burn and purr
Rust ridden and stuck
Amputations of a grand machinery

Saturday, December 01, 2007

True Love Albeit Platonic

We beat around in the dusky malt.
It dries and leaves its residue;
Wait. The rotund morning drop takes shape
And I smile and lick my arms.
A reawakening in soft, slow strokes.
A refusal to release such sweet dreams.
Pour back, salt filled cup. For Another year.
And another, and another, and
Hundreds of days later, uncorking the night
With or without bodies, two hearts unchanged
Floating in a river of malty salt.
Licking their arms in hopes that the other’s taste the same.
Feasting despite the tongues tender notes.


Fragrant rises the leaf
Returns to its tree
Even briefly the familiar shape
Am I the lily, the lilac
Or the bee?
The hall bred from noble
Blood not worthy of she.
A lover is the shade underneath
The tree.

Friday, November 30, 2007


With tracks
Winding through passages
Unavailable to human eyes

A crest into a hillock
Then out again

Lingering between
Madman moments and
The serene

Indulge in
Mint mornings
To cover up the tang
Of pure iron will

Years of wear
Why do you worry?
We climb with the rises.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Broken Wine

Cedar vault
Wine from where
Raspberry's culled
In salty air
And obliterated
In one fell swoop
Left a vacuous
Gash where none
Used to grow
For the sake of
A tiny sip
That alternates
Between warmth and
A sugary hell

Friday, September 14, 2007


Did time?
Insert loneliness
In togetherness
I slept
With time
She promised
That the wave of love
Would be different
And when that tune
Turns slightly the same
They cower in their corners
They used to flirt between lines
They flitted from smiles to frowns
Was it the steadiness that drew
The risen down?
(this is just a poem)
She watched him from across the room
(I am still insanely in love)
Going through motions that were familiar
A hundred times his hair combed
and a hundred chances for a passing glance
Hearts or flutes he said
(still? do you anticipate anything else?)
But just dont do that with cats and dogs
(anything other than satisfied boredom?)
(do u find satisfaction in boredom?)
I expect our mouths to flick past words
With a bite and a tang
And a banter he said
I expect to hold the heart away
With a steel cage against the unsaid
Perhaps electrify it
Add poisoned spokes
A wired mesh
He admits to being cruel
Don't forget the sound proofing
And the suspension
And makind demands
Dont forget the insurance policy
And she to letting her worries ripen
And the backup from lloyds
Until they fall by themselves onto the ground
I love you
And i will hurt you
But I will also make you happy
She practices telling him she is leaving
Not for fear but for the lilt of the words
He practices telling her he loves her
Not for fear
But for the warmth in her eyes
She leaves one side of herself unoccupied by him
So that their separation will be quick
He looks out from the pool of her with his nose above
Another lovelorn tale to tell
And books upon books we'll SELL we'll SELL!


Did sweet moments turn
Into long lost memories
The grain of romance already
Sprouted and cracked a thousand buds
Our tacit agreements
To lift each others spirit
And the seat
And to trim the fern
Browning at the tips of its thin leaves
Promises that echo louder undone
Words when launched
Without meaning
Fester the lover
Goodhearted hand-holder

Slow soldier
a straight faced

A squint
the difference
Between life
and a lost limb

Your trigger
aimed directly
Towards me

We're alone now
In the woods
And out of ear shot

No one to find us
Brick soldier
And his wounded
love worn soul


Two trunks beside
A steamengine
Fret not for sturdy
Arms in sepia tones
To embrace the fragile
(whatever happens - remember i am here)
(what will happen?)
Moments in tumult
Little boats capsizing
(nothing - but the anticipation of anything that you can't describe can be solved by knowing that worst comes to worst there is someone that will solve it for you)
(i was watching you yesterday)
Straight again
In lamplight
(last night, i looked at you in the mirror)
The sea changes its breeze
(besides the love - you have a friend in me that sits beside and worried when you worry and rests on the moments of your happiness)
And sharp dots of rain
Speckle worried brows
Ironed straight in time
And time remains
Two trunks lay beside
One another
And arms and lonely hands grip collars
Unmoving for trains, planes, or whims
Stay still like a photograph
(this about us)
Turning and yellowing evenly
On each corner
And the lovers kiss over and over
But the trunks sit up
In the rain
Beside each other.


Face down, I breathe into sheets
The skin of your thighs against my ears
Thinking something devotional
That I don't say
a paralysis of the tongue
that strikes so frequently
On the edge of such simple words,
To me you are...
Infinite and syllable confounding
I will this and I will that all these beginnings
Without subjects that can suffice
We skip over in our haste
The small pleasure we derive
We slowly accumulate all the things we ought to say
And more and more we make love the way we do in my mind
How do I give you the knowledge
That I submit my soul to you?
Do i slip my hand in yours often
Or pine after you in the in-between hours
Do I close my eyes for you on distant mornings
Do i enter back into the skin of friendship
That i so easily slip into with you
How do I express the pleasure of being at your feet
(by not yelling at me for not cleaning up)
Or explain to you the tears in my eyes right now?
Love, something wrought from freedom
Bears us full of another person
That we drink and drink
Of their bodies all our lives
And listen to their words ring in our ears
Maybe you make
Smaller promises
Maybe you go with her
To buy ice cream at night
Or you forgive her a day
Maybe you moisturize him
When ants crawl in her veins instead of blood, and she will forgive you that day too
And maybe she misses a train
Because her alarm clock is in his car
I love you
I am for you what I am for me

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Green grows the grass

All the way to its feathered end

It's humid out there isn't it?

A slight whistle as the reeds bend, then bend

I am from India.

Choosing as if its a choice, not nature's way

It's humid out there?

Even the soil seems to roll

It's not so bad.

Long Time Coming

Tea and toast
A breeze, creaky bed
Yellow flowers
Teardrop petals
Firelight, molten spectacle
Unexpected blackness
Shivers escape
A warmed sphere
Slate grey and fountain water
From a window
Mirth becomes myth
Bends the shapes
What happened to the flowers
They stand there still
What happened to the flowers
Still, they stand